Starting a new YES Centre

• The Award Programme Foundation will facilitate and guide interested partners in India to implement the Award Programme for youth development and engagement with society.
• Important criteria would be the availability of a suitable volunteer at the Centre with an aptitude for developmental work as well as a willingness to devote time to the Programme.
• A core team of one leader and 1-2 volunteers would be trained, along with representatives from 2-3 centres. Travel and other related costs would have to be met by the concerned partner.
• The initial minimum three day training period at Dehradun or Delhi for the core team would include field level exposures to the ongoing programmes.
• On return to their bases the teams would organise community discussions, analyze resources available and formulate action plans.
• Implementation of plan will commence following the guidance of the Programmme Manager of IAYP.

What is the YES Centre License?


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