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Adventurous Journey

Adventurous Journey

The Adventurous Journey section encourages a sense of adventure and self-discovery whilst undertaking a journey within a group. Working in a small group, all participants plan, train for and undertake a journey with a purpose, in an unfamiliar environment.

The opportunity to engage in adventurous and challenging activities in a new environment provides participants with the chance to learn more about their wider environment, including the impact that their and others’ activities can have. The opportunity also helps develop their self-confidence, health and fitness, teamwork, and leadership. With suitable training and supervision, the Adventurous Journey section aims to take young people out of their comfort zone within a safe and secure setting.

The purpose of the Adventurous

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Journey is to encourage a spirit of adventure and discovery as well as develop leadership, team skills and decision making, whilst undertaking a self-sufficient journey in a small team. This is the only section of the Award that must be undertaken in a team – developing group work skills and team building are a key component to completing this section.