The Award in India

The Award Programme was introduced in India in 1962 with a view to encouraging young people in the country to achieve their full growth potential within the framework of Indian society, to improve their moral, social and intellectual well-being, to ‘Equip them for Life’.

In 1966 it was taken up by the Indian Public Schools Conference, when a number of schools made a start with the Programme. Currently students from over 240 institutions all over India participate in the Award Programme.

The focus of the Award was renewed with the establishment of The Award Programme Foundation, a Public Charitable Trust registered in Bombay, in 1989 to function as the cradle organization for the Programme.

A National Constitution was adopted on 1st March 1994. In 2012, following the One Award Alliance, the Zones were disbanded and the Award Programme is now being brought to the young people of India through an integrated delivery mechanism.


The Current Situation

Having made a modest beginning in 1962 with only 500 participants per year, today this number has grown to around 12000 per year. Almost 70% of the delivery of the Award is through the schools in urban India. So far over 100,000 young people have successfully gained their Awards. The Indian Award, now known as the International Award for Young People, India (IAYP) is a Non-Government Organisation (NGO) with support from the corporate sector. It is a full member of the The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Association. More than 30,000 participants are currently undertaking the Programme in India.

Reaching a Larger Audience

The Award in India is implemented through Open Award Centres (OAC), which are referred to as Youth Engaging in Society (‘YES’) Centres. These are educational and other Institutions who are licensed under an Agreement to implement the Award. As of now IAYP, India have signed Memoranda of Understanding (MoU) with 244 institutions, which include schools, colleges, universities, corporate entities, NGO’s & state governments. IAYP, India has implemented 16 Projects that focus on empowering the “marginalised” and “at Risk”

Empowering Young People in India

The Award Programme in India emphasizes the efforts being made to work with ‘at Risk’ youth and those with ‘social, physical, economic challenges’. Our focus is that at least 20 % of the enrolment into the programme be from this segment of the population. To ensure the success of this concentration we work with various partners/licensees.

  • NGO’s working for upliftment of girls from Tribal communities and rural and urban migrants with economic and social challenges

  • NGO’s working with the Specially Abled and the Visually Impaired

  • State Governments and State Government Schools (with corporate sponsorship) State Governments to implement the Award in educational institutions run by them

  • State Government schools in Haryana and Jammu & Kashmir have implemented the programme for their students under the sponsorship of corporate entities. We are looking for enhanced sponsorship in this segment by reaching out to the CSR programme of companies.

IAYP, India is taking the initiative to create an awareness of the Award in Corporate organisations that hiring a successful participant will give them an employee who has an edge over other candidates.

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