What does it cost?

The participant registration fee for each level of the Award from YES Centres has been revised to Rs 700/- (Rs. Seven Hundred only) for Offline and Online Record Book Participants. The registration fee for Open Award Centre Participants is Rs. 1,000 (Rs. One Thousand only). Licensee fees for YES Centre is 12,500 (includes Goods and Service Tax), for corporate partners & multi-unit Foundations is 40,000 (includes Goods and Service Tax) and for Trained Activity Providers (such as adventure and skill operator) is 28,500 (includes Goods and Service Tax). All transaction payable only by bank draft payable to SBI New Delhi in favour of Award Programme Foundation or online transaction.

Participant Regisration Fee Rs. 700/- (Rs. Seven Hundred only)
Open Award Participant Registration Fee Rs. 1000/- (Rs. One Thousand only)
 YES Centres Rs. 12,500/- (Rs. TwelveThousand and Five Hundred only)
 Corporate Partners & multi-unit Foundations Rs. 40000/- (Rs. Forty Thousand only)
 Trained Activity Providers Rs. 28500/- (Rs. Twenty Eight Thousand and Five Hundred only)