What is it?

The International Award for Young People is an exciting self-development programme for all young people worldwide aged 14-25. Since 1956, the Award Programme has successfully equipped over million young people in over 144 countries with life skills, built their confidence, and engaged them with their communities.

The Award concept is one of individual challenge and it encourages young people to develop into responsible, active citizens. The Award programme is non-competitive and anyone with enterprise, enthusiasm and dedication can participate. For adults, the Award Programme provides an opportunity to help by sharing their skills and experiences with young people.

Each level requires increased commitment and effort in:

Adventure – cultivates a spirit of adventure and an understanding of the environment
Voluntary Service – develops a sense of community and social responsibility
Skills – develops cultural, vocational and practical skills
Physical Recreation – encourages improved performance and fitness
Residential Project (additional for Gold Level) – broadens horizons through a worthwhile residential experience.